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d by the succession of “s●weet sounds,” or not, remained a problem; as I●sabel, to Miss Brown, and Mr●.Gustavus’s excessive annoyance,▓ kept him so exclusively her ▓attendant, that it required all his acquai●ntance with worldy tact to save him from ruden●ess to his hostesses, at the same tim●e that he fully encouraged his compan●ion.The only thought Isabel could sp●are from Sir Sydney, was for Laura to witne▓ss her triumph; but Laura was nowher●e to be seen.If Isabel could have k▓nown that her cousin saw her and Sir Sydney too,▓ and the sickness of heart that vision gave●, she might have triumphed more.

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Danc●ing was at length accomplished,▓ and Sir Sydney actually joined in i●t, dancing two quadrilles su●ccessively with Isabel, and then rem▓aining standing with her, leaning again▓st the piano, in such apparent earnest c▓onversation as allowed attenti●on to nothing else.Mr.Manby and severa●l other beaux of Briarstone, whom Isabel neve▓r disdained at the public ball●s, when none superior were to▓ be had, came in humble adoration entreati●ng the honour of her hand.T▓he toss of the head and curl of the l▓ip with which they were refused eli●cited an expression in Sir Sy▓dney’s eye and very handsome mouth which mus▓t have startled Isabel, had she not b▓een too engrossed with her own apparent